Friday, February 11, 2011

Training Log #8 - A Sari-Sari Store Can Save Your Life

I did a 30km run today and, I would have to say that these are one of the things that are easier said than done. As with my usual long run training, I integrate rolling hills and steep inclines during my workouts. (If you'r wondering why, check out my former entry on training in the worst condition to race at your best condition)

Today I returned to my old playground which is at Nuvali. I wouldn't say I've missed it, since I always get so wrecked when I do my long runs here, and today was no exception. We were out there at 5am and started running by 5:30am.

As I usually do, I bring two flasks filled with Gatorade and nothing else. So as I began my long run and felt the usual rush of starting out really good and wishing for a strong finish. About half the time I do long runs above 17kms I usually gamble if it will be a "feel good" run or one those "draggy" runs. At 20kms it finally hit me, that dreaded heaviness of both legs and body. My mind wanted to go on but my body just wanted to end this.

From here on out til 27kms it was the worst feeling of running-walking and taking breaks. I keep thinking to myself why this happens, is 30km too much for me? Funny enough I realize that the answer I was looking for was staring right back at me. Who in the right mind goes out to run 30kms with only 2 flasks of gatorade and nothing else.

My body was shutting down since it could not go any further with improper nutrition. Its almost a no brainer when you think of it, but that seems to have been my mistakes for so long. I keep doing these long runs with minimal nutrition and even water. That's pretty dumb when you think about it.

At 27kms I was lucky, I found this sari-sari store and was able to replenish. In an instant I bought 2 pieces of this bite size milk chocolate called Hanny and 2 packs of Tomi.

Here I was also able to refill my flasks with water and finally drink some for myself. My this was the best ever tasting Tomi and Hany I have in my life! lol

On the last 3kms I finally regained my energy back and was able to pace properly through out the run. So the basically I just answered the question I've been asking myself for so long.

Why are long runs so hard for me?

Answer: Cause Elmer you've been a dumb ass! lol

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