Friday, June 28, 2013

Starting Point

I think an important part before having the 30 day challenge come Monday will be for me to set my expectations and the goals I hope to achieve from all this.

This morning I took a weight and body fat test and got the results as follows:

Weight: 139lbs
Body fat: 15.1%

I've never been this light even during the time of my heavy training back then for triathlon events, so I begin to ask the question on why. But in any case I think that whole discussion will be for another post. For now this will at least be my physical data which I will use as my starting point.

For my goals, physically I'm looking to really loosen up a lot of parts of my body especially my hamstrings which by far has to be the tightest muscle I've got. I am also hoping to have a more well rounded physical ability in a sense of building strength. Yoga has a really sneaky way of pointing out your weaknesses and smacking you in the face with it. Thus my absurdly dying snail like form when doing the locust pose, cobra pose, or any other pose which needs lower back strength

In terms of expectations, by far the biggest obstacle I see would be time management mixed with lazy days and stress full days. I know there will be times that plans don't go too well or my whole practice could come crumbling down while in the hot room. It will be a toughie as I would call it, but I gotta be tougher.

Anyways, I'm quite excited for it and don't really know how my body and my mind will react to this and I suppose that's what will make it so much more fun!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge

I remember reading once that it takes 30 days to create a new habit. This span of time is when your mind and body adapts this new stimulus and later on eventually gets used to it and thus becomes a habit.

In the coming July I am seeking to create this new habit and even more make it as a challenge. Our local bikram yoga studio will be having its 30 day challenge where in a student would have to finish 30 bikram classes of yoga in 30 days.

I've always had the fantasy of doing this challenge when I first heard of it but never really had the time to do so. But now I think is just the right moment for me to do this. After taking what I may call as a brief hiatus from a square life of training purely for triathlon, this would be a very welcoming challenge to see how else I can push myself.

I can already feel that this July will be on for the books as I will be juggling the 30 day challenge, my commitment to training in my triathlon discipline, a day job, and also a social life with my girl friend. It will be quite an effort not only for me but also the people around me whom I think will have my back for this one.

Anyways I am planning to do a day to day log if you will for this whole challenge and well lets see, how things come about. Til then!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

I think I've learned a little more along the way

Change happens and I've felt a big leap of maturity after a hiatus in the sport. For the first two years I came in eager, excited and in such a rush with things. I wanted to do a lot of big things and make them happen as fast as possible. I was seeking to achieve such thing that I forget to be patient and get put down when they don't  come.

Lately I have learned and have been looking at the sport in a little more laid back manner. I have no races I am really looking at this year but I am getting my butt to train as much as I can. The feeling this time around is that I am enjoying what I am doing for what it is and not because I have pressured myself into needing to do certain things. The enjoyment of the sport is again very much alive in my heart and am looking at this whole thing as a beautiful process.

They said triathlon is a lifestyle. It really is, for you to do it day in and day out. The training is more of a daily routine much like breathing that it comes naturally. But really, importance is in the enjoyment of it everyday. I believe you should be happy and keep doing what has been making you happy.

Anyways, I think this could be a return of my blogging but it is something for us to see first I suppose.