Sunday, June 16, 2013

I think I've learned a little more along the way

Change happens and I've felt a big leap of maturity after a hiatus in the sport. For the first two years I came in eager, excited and in such a rush with things. I wanted to do a lot of big things and make them happen as fast as possible. I was seeking to achieve such thing that I forget to be patient and get put down when they don't  come.

Lately I have learned and have been looking at the sport in a little more laid back manner. I have no races I am really looking at this year but I am getting my butt to train as much as I can. The feeling this time around is that I am enjoying what I am doing for what it is and not because I have pressured myself into needing to do certain things. The enjoyment of the sport is again very much alive in my heart and am looking at this whole thing as a beautiful process.

They said triathlon is a lifestyle. It really is, for you to do it day in and day out. The training is more of a daily routine much like breathing that it comes naturally. But really, importance is in the enjoyment of it everyday. I believe you should be happy and keep doing what has been making you happy.

Anyways, I think this could be a return of my blogging but it is something for us to see first I suppose.

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