Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Are you ready to be a triathlete’s girlfriend?

Ladies, are you sure you really want an Iron Boy of your own? Here are a few things you may want to consider, enjoy! =)

- Most of your quality time with him will be while he's carbo-loading.

- You will be privy to more information about his bodily functions than you ever cared to know.

- He can spend 10 hours on his bike. Don't be jealous ok?

- Be prepared to consider doing a long run followed by a yoga session as a "date"

- His legs will often be smoother than yours.

- You'll have to at least pretend to like swimming, biking or running if you ever want to see him on the weekends.

- He'll only be able to take you dancing on one of his "rest weeks."

- We either smell like sweat or smell like chlorine

- If you can't beat him, JOIN him!

- Tights... hahaha Yeah

- The fastest way to a triathlete's heart is through his stomach. Thus race day breakfast!

- You'll have to start sex early or settle for a "quickie,' so that he can get to bed by 10pm.

- The correlations between regular exercise and sex are true.


- Dates are usually done in between lunch and early dinner til 9pm.

- Don't make it such a big issue if he has a smaller waist line than you.

- Don't worry about saddle issues - if he gets numb, you get numb. (numb, numb, numb)

- No matter how much you or he wants to snuggle in the morning, you'll have to kick him out of bed by 5:45am.

- You'll have to learn all the words to Eye of The Tiger.

- Rest Days.

- Yes. His body will have stripes like a zebra!!

- You'l have to learn how to make a protein shake.

- If he say's he's tired. He probably really is.

- Start learning the jargons. T1, intervals, long ride, GU, etc.

- You'll help him choose his race calendar based on where you'll get to travel ("You should definitely race in Monaco!")

- On race day, you'll have to get up early, stand out in the chilly morning to watch his wave start, keep your eyes peeled to see him exit the water and cheer your head off for him, take actions shots of him leaving transition on the bike, then find something to do for 2-3 hours before any stores are open, but get back in time to get more pictures of him running out of transition and wait another couple hours before you get to watch him finish. AKA Personal Assistant!

- Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen.

- Long weekends = Longer training days

- No matter how fast or how slow he is, ALWAYS make him feel like a Champion.

- Be prepared to get hooked on the sport yourself...


-When the going gets tough, the race is long and digging deep for that last push of energy is at it's hardest, know that the thing that keeps him going is the thought of you waiting for him at the finish line.

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