Friday, June 28, 2013

Starting Point

I think an important part before having the 30 day challenge come Monday will be for me to set my expectations and the goals I hope to achieve from all this.

This morning I took a weight and body fat test and got the results as follows:

Weight: 139lbs
Body fat: 15.1%

I've never been this light even during the time of my heavy training back then for triathlon events, so I begin to ask the question on why. But in any case I think that whole discussion will be for another post. For now this will at least be my physical data which I will use as my starting point.

For my goals, physically I'm looking to really loosen up a lot of parts of my body especially my hamstrings which by far has to be the tightest muscle I've got. I am also hoping to have a more well rounded physical ability in a sense of building strength. Yoga has a really sneaky way of pointing out your weaknesses and smacking you in the face with it. Thus my absurdly dying snail like form when doing the locust pose, cobra pose, or any other pose which needs lower back strength

In terms of expectations, by far the biggest obstacle I see would be time management mixed with lazy days and stress full days. I know there will be times that plans don't go too well or my whole practice could come crumbling down while in the hot room. It will be a toughie as I would call it, but I gotta be tougher.

Anyways, I'm quite excited for it and don't really know how my body and my mind will react to this and I suppose that's what will make it so much more fun!

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