Monday, July 8, 2013

My first 7 days of the Bikram Yoga Alabang Challenge

Session #1 - I know I can!
First day has all the hype and excitement plus I know I'm coming in fresh, so I knew I wouldn't really be having too much of a tough day. Really weird though cause most people are shying away from the pain, I am came in today looking for it. I'm raring for that challenge that will make me tumble, fall and fail. Quite funny when I think I about it, but maybe failure these days are something I enjoy and accept cause that way I know I'm learning something and getting better.

Session #2&3 Going doubles
I'm having to sneak in a two yoga classes today since I had to miss yesterday for unforeseen circumstances. Had the 6am in the morning and I am really toughing it out on that triangle pose. Who the heck thought of it!?!? Anyways because of how totally uncool that posture makes me feel now I feel like I gotta get my revenge on it and knock it down haha Well, lets see!

On a good note though, my toe stand has become AWESOME (that's what I think anyways) Ginger was right when she pointed out that such a small adjustment makes a world of difference in your posture. In this case I just needed to change where I was looking and *tada* I was there looking all cool for everyone to see =D

During my second class I was in no man's land since this would be the first time I would be doing doubles. I had no idea how my body would be reacting and it was quite an experience. During my practice I began creeping in thoughts in my head like "oh crap, I still have how many days of this to go? Can I really do it or did I just get myself into this?" These are the exact sames words that come up too when I train for triathlons. Self-doubt is my mortal enemy and this is where I will be tested again. Thankfully I was able to pull through this second class and I would go as far to say that I had a better practice than this morning.

Session# 4 - Creeping Voices
I'm feeling a little tense having the idea in the back of my head I am missing one day as compared to the other challengers. I have this personality of mine to always have things I need to do done, before things tend to pile up.

So today was day 4 for me but day 5 for everyone else. I felt quite woozy today but strong in the other postures. I'm not really sure how my body was feeling but it wasn't that good today, that's for sure. Frankie mentioned in class today about taking it easy and maybe I do need to pace myself a little better. We are at the start of the challenge and I do need to keep it together and strong.

Voices have been creeping up again in my brain, shouting out doubts here and there. I tend to falter more today, so I need to block them out. I need more focus to keep my mind clear and just release everything with the breath. It actually really does work!

Anyways I've gotten through today and will be doing an afternoon practice tom.

Session #5 - Learning a lesson
This was that session that I felt lost from the start off. I'm not that sure if it's because of my lack of sleep, the food I ate, or my mindset. Things were not just clicking today. It felt disappointing at first seeing myself just whisk through the postures not even pushing but at the end of the day I still felt an appreciation to myself for trying. I felt thankful to my body and mind for giving it a try and working with what it had for the day.

Session # 6 - Forgetfulness
I remembered how bad I felt the day before I would like to come in today with a forgetful mind of what happen the day before. History is something to learn from but I having it dictate your fears and emotions would not do me any good. I kicked the thought out of my head and pushed on. Well it was good today. Feeling a little tired but it was good. Time to watch a movie now with my girlfriend!

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