Sunday, July 21, 2013

21 Days of Hot Yoga - A Mind Battle

Session 14-15 - Forgetfull
I am sorry but I have been quite busy and have just been working back on what has been happening to me the past few days. I seriously do not remember what happen during these last two sessions. Talk about yoga brain right? Anyways will work on keeping up the posting for the next few days. I am pretty sure I did them since I have checks at the board haha

Session 16 - Personal Sorrow
My mind was elsewhere today. Been having some personal issues and it was just bothering me through my day. Its hard to breath out these kind of thing. I feel that I've overcome the physical part of this practice, my body can take the practice but its always so eye opening how much my mind is being the real leader if it will be a good or bad day. My mind chose to be a bad day because I got some issues bla bla bla. The thing about this is that I let it be that way, I let it overcome me and had it take control.

Session 17 - Kicking it Ninja Style
"Yesterday was crap to today has to be awesome" I told myself. I was up early for the 6am class cause I was asleep by 8:30pm the night before. Had lots of energy and I put it all out there today in the hot room. Was sweating and kicking my face off and I left a happy boy ready for work.

Session 18 - Keep Struggling
Woke up quite lazy today and was actually counting in my head the number of days I had before if I chose not to go class this early morning. It was probably in those split few minutes that I just said ok "lets do it little by little" get up first, have some bread, and find your way to get in the car and drive to the studio.

I was crazy lazy today cause maybe I'm just tired of it all right now. 18 days of yoga come on! Who wouldn't be right? But we are nearing the end here and I gotta just hold on a little more.

Session 19 - Anything else but Yoga
It's coming to a point that time becomes quite an issue for the last few practices. I begin to see how much of my time its really eating up and I do get these urges to defer practices because I want to do this or that. We are so near the end but it is still a struggle in a lot different ways.

Today's practice was strong, I haven't seen Frank for the past few days and I really enjoyed my practice with him today. It was exactly what my body was looking for. A strong fast hard practice :D

Session 20 - Barely Moving
I  felt stiff and weak today. I'm looking at it as a nutritional issue cause I ate some pretty nasty bacon this morning. I did not feel and strength today even though I was raring to go at the start of the class. I tried my best to stay in it but I felt like a car with nothing in the tank. The whole practice felt like a torture to be honest and I don't enjoy being and feeling this way.

After class I spoke with Frank about it and he pepped me up with how to give it my all these last few days of the challenge. His exact words were "you gotta kill yourself". I think he wants to see me REALLY push to the point where I discover something new about myself.

This whole 30 day challenge has been about me seeing up to where my body can go. I've honestly thought this was already it, but after speaking with Frank, he believes I can go even more. Gotta get my game face on for the next few days cause I'm ready to show him and myself what else I've got.

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