Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Training Log #4 - Training for the Half-Ironman. Really?

I've finally been able to register for this year's Cobra Ironman 70.3 and I've talked to coach about what plans and preparations we are going to be doing and what expectations should I have about the event.

Well one thing he pointed out is that right now we are building our base, as of now and will be moving into the next phases of our training. Some of the few things he told me that I should expect is a swim session that will be lasting for 6kms long and a brick session which includes a 100km bike - 18km run. WHEW.

Am I ready for this? Well I sure hope so. Damn, it feels like I'm going to be studying for the board exams or something lol But after hearing these challenges though, I've become even more determined to do this. I love this sport, it challenges you with something new everyday.

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