Monday, February 7, 2011

Training Log #5 - Walking, who knew?

Woke up bright and early today planning to do a short 5km run. As I stepped out the door I did my usual warm up and then began walking. Usually at this point I would start to open my strides and begin to transition into a run. Today though was different, some may say its listening to your body. But I felt this urge to just keep walking.

I have been running for two years now and I have never gone out in the morning for a walk. Everyday since I started, I must have been following some sort of program that told me how far to run. It was a whole new world to say the least. It felt relaxing and peaceful.

I realized that I sometimes tend to forget the peace of such a simple activity. Yes running does give you peace too, but nothing does it like walking. I'll be honest and say yes I push myself a lot in most of my training days. This simple active recovery exercise though feels like a breath of fresh air. I really have a hard time explaining it but it really felt good, I think too that my body loved it. It finally got a break for himself lol

So I learned something today. Walk! I'l try and integrate this once or twice a month into my training.

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