Monday, February 28, 2011


My uncle came over a few days ago and he actually had some leftovers for me. In the bunch there were two energy bars, these Dole Real Fruit, and a whole lot of G2 Gatorade! The G2 Gatorade was what I was most excited about. With what I heard, this was a formulation specific for endurance athletes and I would like to back up this sales pitch.

I have used the G2 formulation twice already. Once was for a 83km bike ride, while the other for a 33km run. Both in which I felt the energy and zap coming from the drink. It has this weird feeling of numbness in your tounge which seems to hold back the thirst. I don't specifically know what its doing but what ever it is doing, its doing it right for me!

The G2 formulation is also a very sweet type of drink and the label shows that most of its carbs are from the sugar content of it. I have a feeling I'l have diabetes cause of the sweets I keep eating during long races, but I just can't help it. Sugar is one of the best and fastest carbs known to man, which is perfect in trying to get some fast energy back especially while on the go.

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