Sunday, January 30, 2011


One kilometer. That was the the race distance that I entered into during last Sunday's Adination 5th Week Race. It was a relay event which featured 5 members who have to run 1km each while passing a baton to signify that the next runner will go next.

To a novice runner they would think, hey that ain't too far. It will be easy! But easy was something that was far from it. These short races like the 3k and 5k are actually tests of speed and pain management. It hurts a lot to be going so fast, but you need to since the distance is so short.

I entered this race with the Alabang Snail Runners. I believed our team had what it takes to win and I know each one gave it their all during that race.

This picture here signifies the calm before the storm.

I was up first in our relay team. As we got to the starting line your really hear and feel the excitement everywhere.People we cheering so loudly that it began to sound like an orchestra of musicians somehow. All I know is that somehow in those last 20 seconds til gun start I closed my eyes and took in all this energy and focused it on the task at hand.

And finally when I heard the gun fire. It was a strategic all out pace from here. 

If there was something I have learned from all may races its that patience is key to everything. When we went off I noticed that these runners are going way too fast. It was as if they were only going to be doing a 300 meter - 400 meter sprint. So I let them do their thing.
Once we made our first turn and finally go to the straight portion of the route. I made my move. At this point I was actually in last place. But this was the time that I saw these people exhausted everything they had over the first 400 meters and those last 600 meters, I knew would feel like an eternity with the energy they had left in the tank. So now it was my turn.

I shifted into 5th gear at this point and actually made it to a top speed of 28kph. I am still in shock up to now that I got to go that fast. I zoomed by all the participants, but all that one who was in front of me. He was a UP varsity player of some sorts but I was never sure. All I knew is he looked like running was something he must have done EVERYDAY since he was born.

I was actually gaining up on him but noticed that I too was fading a bit from this 1km sprint. Good thing though I had my team mates pace me through this run and cheer me on. It really does do help having people push your further. I must have had 5 guys screaming at me while I was in such pain while running. But I knew I had to this and this is something I have trained for.

I finished with a time of 3:09 and was actually able to catch up to the first guy who only had a split of about +3 secs ahead of me. Not bad I think for a triathlete chasing after a varsity runner right? lol

Overall our team finished at third and we are proud to say that yes we did our best and yes we are ANR Alabang Snail Runners


  1. Congratulations Sir! Excellent job last Sunday! Our team took the challenge, gave it all our best and was rewarded with a podium finish! We are proud to have you as our Team Captain. We are proud to be aNR Alabang Snail Runners!!! woot! woot! woot!

  2. Job well done! I was a witness to your experience. I know you will go further and reach your dreams. Continue to train well and prepare, we are here to cheer you on!