Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Main Character - The Man Behind the Keyboard

I find that searching through blogs, people sometimes like to see what was this writer's first ever entry. I would like to start out by introducing the main character for the stories you will be reading whom is me.

My name is Elmer J. Ching III and go by the nick name of "Jake". I have been doing triathlons for over six months now, but have been running for two years.

My goal is simple. To win an Iron Man age group one day. May it be in a 30-34 age group or 70 and over age group. I will win it one day. That is my dream and I am going to seek out to make it happen.

The reason though why I am making this blog, is not for fame, sponsorship, or what not. I hope that this will serve as a memoir or a journal of some sort that I can always come back to one day. A friend told me that this will be on heck of a journey and it would be best if I can find ways in sharing this experience.

So don't expect any race reviews, gadget reviews, give aways etc. A little narcissist but this is going to be all about me, this is my story and I'm here to tell it.