Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Training Log #13 - Mentally Ready, Physically Able

Coming into marathon week. I feel like it was a blessing of some sort that I am somehow almost fully recovered from what happen to me two weeks ago. It was a scary feeling of not being able to do things at the condition I have worked hard for.

Now barely 5 days away from the big day I have realized that I should have nothing to fear. I know the work I have put in for this, I know the long hours that I ran under the heat of the sun, I know the breathless sprints I did in each interval I ran. I did all this and I should remember that I deserve every bit of this marathon.

So on race day I won't think about PR's, racing or what not. I will run this race the way I should be doing it. I will do it with a smile on my face and a care free feeling regarding anything else. I have been putting too much pressure on myself the very day I started training for this. Now it's time to put that all behind and enjoy the run.

As the Kenyan way: "Train hard; Race easy!"

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